Digital downloads terms of use

What format of digital assets do you sell?

When you buy a digital product directly from our website, you receive a hi resolution 2400px PNG file, for use on any apparel/merchandising printing service you can legally use.

When you buy a digital asset directly on our website, you can download your PNG for your own individual, personal use.

You will be emailed the digital assets after you complete your order on the checkout page with the corresponding item in your cart.

Are the digital assets sold restricted in any way?

Yes. All digital assets on are protected by copyright and unauthorized use is an infringement of this copyright. Unauthorized use includes (but is not limited to):

  • Distribution of the purchased digital asset
  • Any commercial use of the digital asset
  • Any use of the digital assets that is not for personal use
  • Executing “Save as” function on the website in an attempt obtain the asset for free
  • Creating works that derive from the asset purchased or seen on the website
  • Creating works that copy the digital asset for personal or commercial use

The digital downloads you purchase from our site may only be used for personal use and may not be distributed to anyone else. Personal use includes uploading your file to an apparel/merchandise printing.

You may use them for your own individual, personal use as you see fit.

You may not share your PNG with to other people. The file you order is solely prepared for you.